Caramel Custard

Prep. : 15 Mins
Cook : 25 Mins

Total Time :
40 Mins

Cuisine :
Servings : serves - 4

For The Custard

Eggs – 2 Nos
Castor sugar – 6 Tbs
Milk – 1.5 Cups
Vanilla essence -1 Tsp
Corn flour – 2 Tsp

For caramel

Sugar – 1 cup
Water – 2 Tbs

For caramel

In a thick bottom pan, add sugar and water and let it caramelized till nice golden colour.
Once the caramel is ready pour 3/4th of the caramel in a baking tin , make sure the base of the tin gets covered by caramel and keep it aside to cool it down.
Make sugar garnish with remaining caramel on parchment paper.

For Custard

In a bowl, break two eggs & whisk till they combine well.
Add the castor sugar and whisk it nicely and then add milk, cornflour, vanilla essence. (Add each ingredient one at a time & combine well each time). Keep aside.
3. Now pour the egg & milk mixture into the caramel tin.
4. In a cooker, add about 2 cups of water, place the custard Tin over a stand & give it 4-5 whistles. ( Keep the gas on medium flame)
6. Once it is done, remove it from the cooker and keep it out for 15-20mins and then allow it to set in the fridge for a couple of hours.
7. De-mould the caramel custard on to a serving platter and garnish it.
Serve chilled.

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